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Peak District Walking Tours

Our Peak District guided walking tours are the perfect way to explore the spectacular beauty of Britain's oldest and original National Park. 

Whilst we already have dozens of planned routes, these can all be tailored to your group's personal requirements. This can be done beforehand based on fitness levels, goals, aspirations or preferences or even during the walk if needed. 

Sunset over Fairbrook Naze on a Peak District guided walking tour.

Kinder Scout 

A huge moorland plateau situated in Derbyshire; Kinder Scout can be climbed from many different directions. Standing at 626m, it is not particularly high by national standards but it is the highest point in the Peak District.
As the site of the 'Mass Trespass' in 1932, Kinder has played a huge part in every hiker's right to access the countryside. 


The North Edge has far-reaching views over Bleaklow whilst the Southern side overlooks the Great Ridge, with Lose Hill and Mam Tor standing prominent. 

We have several favourite routes here at Embark; from a gentle five-mile amble up and down to a full circuit of the plateau covering 20+ miles. 

Kinder Scout is an absolute must for any trip to the glorious Peak District. 

Grindsbrook on a Peak District guided walking tour.
Over looking the majestic Dragon's Back on a Peak District guided walking tour.

Parkhouse Hill & Chrome Hill 

Both Parkhouse and Chrome Hill have long been firm favourites of the team here at Embark.  

The hills are the remains of a reef knoll from the Carboniferous Period when the Peak District was once covered by a tropical sea. Both hills have a distinctive shape and are a great photo opportunity; particularly Chrome Hill which is also known as the 'Dragon's Back' and is most impressive when viewed from the top of Parkhouse Hill. 

This walk can be easily undertaken by most, while the climb up is reasonably steep, if taken at a steady pace, the tops can be reached quickly. 

Another must-see location whilst in the Peak District and one which will fill your photo albums with many memories. 

In the shadow of Parkhouse Hill on a Peak District guided walking tour.
Mist over the Roaches on a Peak District guided walking tour.

The Roaches

Towering about Tittesworth Reservoir, The Roaches is a long, gritstone ridge and easily accessible by all. 

Overlooked by neighbouring Hens Cloud and Ramshaw Rocks, this is a great area to spend anything from a couple of hours to the whole day. Once the ridges have been negotiated, we can drop down into Back Forest to hunt for the atmospheric Luds Church; a deep chasm formed by a landslide and used as a secret place of worship in the 15th century. Deep and moody, this really is a hidden treasure within the dense woodland. 

Our Roaches walk, like all of our tours, can be tailored to your group's needs and can be anything from a gentle stroll (across The Gritstone Edge) to an all-encompassing circular hike taking in several high points and rock formations throughout the day. 

Enjoying the view from atop of The Roaches on a Peak District guided walking tour.
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