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Cheshire Walking Tours

Our Cheshire guided walking tours are the perfect way to explore the charming peaks and plains of Cheshire.   

Whilst we already have numerous planned routes, these can all be tailored to your group's personal requirements. 

This can be done beforehand based on fitness levels, goals, aspirations or preferences or even during the walk if needed. 

Teggs Nose on a Cheshire guided walking tour.

A once ancient hunting reserve, Macclesfield Forest is an area of around 1000 acres. It is crisscrossed by many tracks and rides throughout and is an ideal place to lose yourself for a few hours. 

At the lower levels, there are 4 reservoirs which can be mostly circumnavigated.  Climbing up through the numerous trails will bring you out onto open moorland and give you your first view of the impressive Shuttlingsloe. Dubbed as 'Cheshire's Matterhorn' and standing at 506m, it is a great photo opportunity with its classic mountain shape, although it can be rather exposed at the summit on a breezy day. 


Our routes throughout the forest are extensive and can easily be tailored to your group's requirements, from a gentle low-level amble to a more demanding climb up through the forest to the peaks of Shuttlingsloe and Teggs Nose. 

A snow srinkled Shuttlingsloe on a Cheshire guided walking tour.

Macclesfield Forest & Shuttlingsloe

A snowsy sunset over Shining Tor on a Cheshire guided walking tour.

Shining Tor

A truly lovely walk to the highest point in Cheshire, Shining Tor stands at 559m and is a must for beginners and seasoned pro's alike. Taking in open moorland, stunning rock formations, coniferous woodland and expansive reservoirs, there really is a wealth of sights to behold on this 7-10 mile route. 

Once at the summit trig point, the views across Macclesfield Forest and the Cheshire Plain beyond are stunning on a clear day. 

For a more strenuous hike, this can be added onto a Macclesfield Forest walk, although an early start will be needed as 20+ miles are required to take on Embark's 'Cheshire Three  Peaks', Shining Tor, Shuttlingsloe and Tegg's Nose. 

A snow covered Shining Tor on a Cheshire guided walking tour.
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