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Stunning views across Three Tarns, Bowfells. (2).jpg

Embark walking tours are a great addition to staff or client events.  We offer great solutions for: 

  •  Team building days - A great way to build team morale and productivity is to encourage walking and working together. An Embark walking tour means your team will not only develop their skills but also build unforgettable memories together. ​

  • Client Entertaining - A great way to impress clients and ensure the day they spend with you is both entertaining and memorable.   

  • Staff Rewards and Prizes  - It's been a tough year, why not reward your hard-working team with the perfect adventure; exercise is known to increase energy levels, reduce fatigue and combat stress leading to greater productivity at work, it's a win/win really. 

  • Charity Days - Whether it's a 20-mile hike to tackling the 3 peaks we can put together some great ideas to help you and your team raise money for your chosen charity - and have a great time while you're doing it. 

Whatever you're requirements the Embark Team will ensure your day is memorable and one your team and clients are sure to love. 

It's not just walking tours we offer.  We can organise a wide array of additional outdoor and social activities to ensure your event is perfect: 

  • Walks tailored to the fitness levels and preferences of the group, great for team building and lifting morale. 

  • Additional outdoor activities can include: 

    • Orienteering ​

    • Bushcraft and survival skills. 

    • Campfire cooking. 

    • Paddleboarding 

    • Kayaking 

    • Wild water swimming 

    • Golf Days/Sessions 

  • We can also organise: 

    • Accommodation. ​

    • Transportation 

    • Packed lunches for out on the hills. 

    • Lunch/Dinner reservations and drink receptions 

    • Embark souvenirs - hoodies/t-shirts/water bottles. 

    • Snacks and refreshments throughout the day. 

    • Prizes/Trophies for your team. 

As all of our tours are tailored to you, if there's anything else you'd like to include or to organise we're more than happy to help.  

Please get in touch for a chat or let us know what you're looking for and we'd be delighted to put together a proposed itinerary for you and your team, 

Stunning views across Three Tarns, Bowfells. (2).jpg
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