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North Wales Walking Tours

Our North Wales and Snowdonia guided walking tours are the perfect way to explore the spectacular beauty of the first Welsh National Park and tackle the UK's highest peaks outside of Scotland.  

Whilst we already have dozens of planned routes, these can all be tailored to your group's personal requirements. 

This can be done beforehand based on fitness levels, goals, aspirations or preferences or even during the walk if needed. 

Views from Snowdon on a North Wales guided walking tour.

Mount Snowdon

Mount Snowdon should need no introduction. As Wales' highest and most popular mountain, it is a sight to behold in clear weather conditions ... 

The summit, at 1085, is 100m higher than anything England has to offer. Numerous tracks can be taken depending on your group's fitness levels, preference and weather on the day. 

We will, of course, endeavour wherever possible, to take different routes for our climb and descent so you really get a feel for everything this beautiful mountain has to offer. One thing is for sure .... we won't be taking the train up to the summit.  

Mist coming in atop of Snowdon on a North Wales guided walking tour.
A rainy day at the Glyders on a North Wales guided walking tour.

Glyder Fawr, Glyder Fach and Tryfan are three peaks in the Snowdonia National Park that, in our opinion, are seriously underrated. 

The Glyders have several accessible routes up to the summit, our favourite being the scramble up through Devil's Kitchen, this is a reasonably technical route so choose your path carefully ... 

Tryfan is the quintessential mountain shape, with its pointed peak and rugged crags. This can be tackled as a stand-alone hike or added to a Glyders route. 

Definitely highly recommended by us here at Embark and, dare we say it, possibly a better prospect than Snowdon (if you can't fit both into your trip that is ...). 

Spectacular views over the Glyders on a North Wales guided walking tour.

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The Glyders & Tryfan

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