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Digital North Wales Self Guided Walking Route

Digital North Wales Self Guided Walking Route

£6.50 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price

Our Digital North Wales Self Guided walking route and explorer pack is perfect for would be explorers, those who want to take up walking or those who want to explore new places but need a little inspiration – they also make the most perfect gift for all outdoor lovers.

These personalised, self guided walking tours are surprise routes with varying levels of difficulty (Easy/Medium/Advanced and contain everything you need to get out, explore and have the perfect adventure: 
• Detailed Tour Itinerary:  The in depth route will tell you where to start (and park) and detail every stop along the way to make sure you never lose your feet.
• In depth PDF maps outlining your route.
• Bite sized, PDF you can print and bring with you when embarking on your walk – these include summarised directions and things to look out for en route.
• Top tips to make the most of your adventures, help you prepare and keep you safe.
• Lots of fun facts about the places and things you’ll see along the way.
• Kit list to make sure you pack everything you need.
• Support for your trip and emergency contact details as well as instructions about what to do in an emergency.
• Lots of suggestions of what else to do in the area – including places to visit, other adventures and where to stop for a rest or bite to eat.
• Discount vouchers for some of your favourite outdoor brands.


 Why not swap tours with your friends and explore a whole range of new and exciting places.

When ordering your tour - select how difficult you'd like your route to be and we'll send you out a unique tour. 

There’s nothing quite like exploring the great outdoors – so be sure to Embark on your next adventure with us.

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